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When will they Open, Read and Act On my Email?

Taking time to think about whens best to send emails to customers or clients may be overlooked, however if you think about it, the time and day you send emails makes a difference.

There are discussions, varying opinions and circumstances that will influence when to send marketing emails from business to business. We will discuss some of the factors to consider.

Should I send my Emails on a Monday morning?

There are reports out there that say yes, Monday morning is a good time to send your emails. Having said this there are a number of conflicting reports that argue B2B clients and customers are implementing the business plans and ideas they have been mulling over the weekend. They may well have a number of things to do. They are not to a certain extent interested in your offers or invitations.

Agreeing with the latter argument we do not believe an email waiting for your clients and customers first thing on a Monday morning is the best time to maximise the potential of your email being opened, read and acted on.

How about sending my Emails on a Friday?

As with Monday morning, Friday is not the best time to send emails. Your clients are likely to be wrapping up the weeks business and even if your email gets opened and read it is likely to be forgotten over the weekend.

Leaving Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as the best days to send emails.

Ok, so we have narrowed down the best day, in our opinion, to send your emails. What about the time of day? Should your email be sitting in the inbox of your clients and customers first thing? I’m betting not, for the same reasons as why Monday is not the best time, your target audience is likely to be busy with other matters. Lunchtime is also to be avoided, people are not likely to be at their computer.

The best times therefore to send your Emails are 10-11am and 2-4pm with B2C reaching after 4pm. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please remember that every business will have impacting factors on the opportune time to send emails, the only real way to know your best time is to get stuck in and start Email Marketing.

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